Is there a fine for removing a marker? My neighbor has markers set and I think they are wrong so I was about to pull them up.

The short answer is Yes, it is illegal to remove a marker.  LEWIS ASSOCIATES suggests you obtain a survey of your property to determine the correct boundary.  The long answer is. . . According to The State of Connecticut Statute Sec. 47-34A titled Unlawful Destruction, Disturbance or Removal of Surveyor's Marker or Monument states:  "(a) Any person who knowingly injures, destroys, disturbs or removes any marker properly placed on any tract of land or street or highway, for the purpose of designating any point, course or line in the boundary of such tract of land, street or highway, shall be fined not less than five hundred dollars or more than one thousand dollars.  (b) Not withstanding the provisions of subsection (a) of this section, a surveyor licensed under chapter 391, or a person acting at the direction of any such licensed surveyor, may remove an existing marker in order to place an upgraded marker in the same location.  (c) Any person who knowingly injures, destroys, disturbs or removes any monument that has been established by the National Geodetic Survey or Connecticut Geodetic Survey for use in the determination of spatial location relative to the Connecticut coordinate systems specified in section 13a-255 or precise elevation datum shall be fined not less than two thousand dollars or more than five thousand dollars."